This work was created in combination with the questioning of the photographic image and its reference to reality. Azzouni works directly with photographic chemicals on canvas and/or paper, thus creating a direct transition from photography to painting. The reference to animals came about because of racist remarks based on his ethnicity, but also the emotional state of being treated like an animal. In the foreground are the donkey & the dog, where those animals were most in the language or emotional state. Through the black and white emulsion he wants to clearly point out the reality, which however cannot be visually reproduced. Thus he decided to use this reference to reality nevertheless by means of the emulsion and light effects for himself. Often the pictures arise out of the head and at the beginning of the moment. The photographic approach does not allow him to create the pictures over weeks, they have to be finished in the moment.  By means of sketches and various experiments, he approaches the pictures and thus creates his own world, where the animals are the main protagonists and reflect on each other's identity.

“Du.. Du.. ... Tier”, Solo-Show Raumschiff Linz, 2022

“Donkey & Dog questionning themselves what animal they truly are”
Exhbition Foto Wien 2022 at Semperdepot, Lehàrgasse 6, 1060 Wien Foto: Dominik Buda

Animals taking a bath, Chemicals on s/w PE paper, 100 x 190 cm, 2022 
Monkey figuring out if they are a monkey, Chemicals on s/w PE paper, 100 x 170 cm, 2022Dog shitting, Chemicals on s/w baryt paper, 100 x 180 cm, 2022
Donkey sitting on the chair (again), Chemicals on s/w PE baryt paper, 100 x 180 cm, 2022

Verhältst dich wie ein Tier, Chemicals on s/w PE paper, 100 x 180 cm, 2022

Die Protagonist:innen, Photo Emulsion on canvas, chemicals canvas,3 Stück, 40 x 30cm, 2022

Realität im fotografischen Bild (Test 1-100?), lichtsensibles PE-Papier, Entwickler, Fixierer, verschiedene Größen